Warning. this is a bit weird. Please only proceed if you're ok with that sort of thing...

Yeah, so I been reading a lot of Dolores Cannon. She's a hypnotherapist who was part of pioneering past life regression, and later was surprised to regress people who recalled lives on other planets. Her books are transcripts of her sessions and they're pretty wild. Her clients, while in deep trance, talk about a lot of things, including previous earth civilizations that had developed their psychic and spiritual powers well beyond ours, like they could communicate telepathically, levitate, lift heavy rocks with their mind (that's how they say the pyramids etc. got built), use crystals to store and focus energy and lots more.  Her clients also say that right now is a time of change on Earth, one where we're evolving more greatly towards love and growing our spiritual and psychic capabilities in support of this.  They say that our minds still have the potential to do all those things (like telepathy etc.) we just gotta wanna it and go for it.

So, here's some guided imagery for this, for connecting with the love in the world and opening to expanding your gifts and your mind in support of positive growth. It's very gentle. Low woo-woo factor. Love to hear your feedback if you have any.

Much love xo Rach